Best CV Model For Gulf Jobs - Follow These Methods

 CV Writing Sample

A CV Writing Sample that you may find in your search on the internet, may or may not be ideal for the area/region that you want to apply in. The Award Winning CV Writing Examples that you see displayed below are the ones that are very popular with recruiters, human resources personnel and headhunters in the UAE and GCC region, in recruiting agencies, as well as within employing firms.

Selecting one of these curriculum vitae formats is the FIRST SUCCESSFUL STEP you can take in creating an appealing CV or resume that recruiters like, and can get you an interview call. Remember, that it's become extremely important that your updated CV passes through the recruiting software called Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Why is the ATS important?

All employers and recruitment agencies have an Applicant Tracking System installed that can collect and store a CV or resumé into chunks of data/information into a database, and be retrieved easily during a search.

If the CV is not written correctly, or formatted properly, then, the wrong information may go into the columns, which means you will never be found (by the recruiter) for the skills that you are best at...

For example, imagine that a "Mobile Number" goes into the "Main Skill" Column, and vice versa (see image below). When, the recruiter searches for PMP skills, the software will find a number in the "Main Skill" Column, which is incorrect data, and this candidate will get rejected by the software.

CV Writing Sample

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